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From its very beginning, in 1998, CILU has vigorously argued for two components of land use; upholding the value of septic systems and the need for great caution in considering any extension of sewer service. This strongly held position favors the protection of natural resources and the prevention of high density development.

The installation of sewer service has a profound effect on the land in many ways - primarily the following:

  • Rather than let water percolate into the ground (as septic systems do), sewers carry water out of the watershed and dump it into the ocean. This significantly affects the quantity of water available to the reservoir.
  • It is an obvious fact that development follows the installation of sewers. Clearly, this can be seen by noting the difference between Routes 35 and 34 in Holmdel. We know that the quality of water is diminished by the impervious cover and non-point source pollution that occurs along with development.

Land use regulations have been well addressed in Holmdel’s Wastewater Management Plan of 2002 and the Township’s Master Plans of 1987, 1993 and 2004. These regulations are a bulwark in the ongoing decisions that will affect our one asset that is irreplaceable—LAND. We feel it imperative to remain consistent with these documents that have served us well.

CILU continues to take a firm stand against the double threat of environmental degradation and any over-development in Holmdel.

Monmouth County Hearing on Wastewater Management Plan - 8/24/2010

Township of Holmdel Wastewater Management Plan, for inclusion in the Monmouth County Water Quality Management Plan, relevant to a County meeting on January 25, 2010.

A History of Sewers in Holmdel (click on images to see a larger view)

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