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About CILU

What is CILU?

In 1998, Holmdel residents, concerned about rapid growth and development in our town, formed a citizens’ organization to promote informed and thoughtful land use, protect our natural resources and preserve our quality of life – considering all the consequences for the future.

Holmdel stands at a crossroads again.

The few remaining undeveloped acres north of the Garden State Parkway are fast disappearing. Builders are poised to develop much of the open space south of the Parkway. We can either look like every other overdeveloped North Jersey suburb or, through intelligent land use planning, retain Holmdel’s bucolic sense of place and protect our water supply. CILU is made up of people like you, representing a cross section of backgrounds and political points of view.

We share one common concern – the intelligent use of what precious little undeveloped land we have left in Holmdel. Our purpose is to encourage good land use policies that are a natural outgrowth of open government by good people. While we are nonpartisan, we will not shy away from utilizing political leverage if we have to (and we have).

CILU’s Mission

  • Protect our environment and quality of life.
  • Save mature woodlands, farmlands and vegetated stream corridors.
  • Prevent the erosion of the suburban-rural character of our town that occurs with every swipe of the bulldozer and every cut of the saw.
  • Support open space planning and acquisition for all areas of Holmdel, and incorporate CILU land use goals into Holmdel’s Master Plan.
  • Limit overdevelopment in southern Holmdel (spurred by sewer expansion) and its environmental stress on the Swimming River Reservoir Watershed.
  • Support conservation-based development.

CILU’s Executive Board 2019-2020

Co-Presidents: Regina Criscione, Karen Strickland
Secretary: Susan Stampfli
Treasurer/Digital-Media: Steve Strickland
Vice President-Membership: Margaret Cluskey
Vice President-Research: Argyrios Milonas, Randy Rauscher
Vice President-Public Affairs: Jenni Blumenthal, C. Anthony Cooper, Scott Goldstein

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. – Margaret Mead
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