August 18, 2015 - 7:30 PM Holmdel Township Committee to hold Public Hearings on Ordinances putting 60 Affordable Housing rental units in environmentally sensitive land on Palmer Avenue and using a Payment In Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) agreement to subsidize it at Holmdel taxpayers' expense.

Proposed Ordinance 2015-14 establishes a new "Affordable Housing Multi Family" (AH-MF) overlay zone on two lots across Palmer Avenue from Target and just south of the Palmer Square development, which have major wetlands and a history of flooding.

Proposed Ordinance 2015-15 sets up a PILOT agreement between the Town and the developer/operator of these 60 rental units. Under this Proposed Ordinance, PILOT payments of only $74,000 annually will exempt these 60 rental units from paying normal property taxes for municipal, county and public school purposes for up to fifty years.

Recall the Town's PILOT agreement with the redeveloper of the big Bell Works building will cost us $1 million/year for the next 30 years.

  1. Considering that land on the north side of Middle Rd. (near Perna Dance Studio) has already been reserved for Affordable Housing, why is Holmdel Township now proposing to build such housing near the flood-prone wetlands south of Palmer Square?

  2. Why have our Township officials agreed to accept PILOT payments instead of the regular property taxes that Holmdel residents pay in order to put 60 Affordable rental units on environmentally encumbered land?

  3. Given only the $74,000 annual PILOT revenue, how do our Township officials plan to pay for the schooling of children living in these 60 Affordable rental units, with the average cost per student in Holmdel's public schools being nearly $20,000/year?

  4. In August of 2014 this TC reaffirmed that 40 beds in the convalescent unit planned for the redeveloped main Bell Works building would be adequate to fully meet Holmdel Township's Affordable Housing obligation arising from the 225 market units to be built elsewhere on this 473 acre tract. Using all recently available information, do you believe this is still the case that 40 convalescent beds in the main building will be built and will fully meet Affordable Housing obligations associated with these 225 market units?

  5. If NOT, THEN will this Township Committee cause one or more of the several development entities on the Alcatel-Lucent tract to provide (at their own expense) the needed Affordable Housing units elsewhere on this fully sewered 473 acre tract?

  6. If NOT, THEN will this Township Committee allow those needed Affordable Housing units to be relocated into other parts of Holmdel, or allow the cost of those units' construction to become a burden upon all Holmdel taxpayers?

Please try to attend the Holmdel Township Committee Meeting on August 18 and ask some questions.